[Title card.]
[Scene: Galactic Headquarters Earth Base, two Rockettes each holding Bangoons, who are holding plungers, walk up to the gents' toilets and the Bangoons hit the door with the plungers. The Rockettes spot someone with a camera who is recording, they run off screaming. The person is revealed to be X-5 as his shadow appears over the door. He opens the door to see Sparky in the showers, singing.]

Sparky: [to the tune of the Atomic Betty Theme] Atomic Sparky, you're a galactic dude! Atomic Sparky's gonna save the world! Atomic Sparky, Atomic Sparky, atomic, atomic, atomic... What the... X-5?! [X-5 chuckles.] Give me that video! [Sparky bangs against the shower door and slides down. X-5 hovers off, with Sparky giving chase, holding his towel to his body.] If you show anyone, I'll rip out your circuits! X-5! [His towel comes off during the chase, a Rockette screams. X-5 chuckles and turns his camera to record an angry, naked, Sparky, who is covering his privates with his hand.] X-5!

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