[Title card.]
[Scene: A talk show set, Admiral DeGill is sitting at the desk, dressed as David Letterman, complete with hairstyle and gap tooth, and Sparky, in his Earth outfit and wearing a headset shovels something off the stage as the crowd makes disgusted sounds]

DeGill: The next time we have an animal act from Loose Bowelia 5, make sure it has a diaper on! [the crowd cheers] Oh, we're back. Well, their are no more guests, so goodnight, and...

Infantor: Hey! [we see him on one of the chairs] Youse ain't bumping me!

DeGill: Oh, um, Infantor [He pulls his collar nervously] um, how are you?

Infantor: Lousy! And i'm always getting foiled by a punk named Betty, a talking trash can, and this guy with a pickle for a nose! [he grabs DeGill by the collar] How would youse feel?

[He lets him go and DeGill straightens his collar]

DeGill: Like maybe I should find a new gig, have you considered the fields of rattle or diaper tester?

[The audience laughs, Infantor pulls out a ray gun and aims, the audience gasps as the barrel extends into DeGill's face]

Infantor: Oh yeah? Well I think your the one who's gonna give up his career!

[The chair's cushion then springs up, shooting Infantor up through the roof, it then transforms into X-5-]

Sparky: No kidding, your an armchair?

X-5: I prefer the term "furniture security system" [he changes back into a chair] Why don't you have a seat, Sparky, you look fatigued.

Sparky: Don't mind if I do! [He sits down]

DeGill: Well, this will not end well.

[We hear the spring and Sparky screaming as he is ejected, the audience and DeGill laugh]

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