[Title card.]
[Scene: A talk show set, Admiral DeGill is sitting at the desk, dressed as David Letterman, complete with hairstyle and gap tooth, and Maximus I.Q. is in one of the chairs ]

DeGill: Well, I guess that's the last time the Gorblat pulls your tail, Maximus.

[An alien runs by, screaming and on fire]

Maximus: That's the last time that Gorblat does anything. Period.

DeGill: So, I understand that you will be doing a trick for us tonight! [the audience cheers, Maximus growls]

Maximus: In your dreams, DeGill, I don't do tricks!, Minimus, on stage now! [Minimus walks in, the audience cheers]

Minimus: I find this humiliating, your pushiness.

Maximus: Perform!

[Minimus switches to his evil face]

DeGill: We've seen Minimus do that thousands of times already.

Maximus: We're taking it up a notch tonight!

Minimus: Huh? We?, [Maximus smacks him, he switches to his good face and sighs] Yes master. [he turns his hands and feet backwards] Ouch!

[the audience is quiet, we hear a cricket chirp]

DeGill: Well, that's not very interesting.

[The audience boos, Maximus chuckles nervously, the audience throws food at them]

Maximus: Minimus, get us out of here!.

[Minimus rotates his head rapidly, and it works like a propeller, Maximus holds onto his foot as they are lifted into the air, we see under Maximus' robe and his duck patterned underwear, the audience laughs]

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