[Title card.]
[Exterior shot of planet Mortavio.]
[Scene: Planet Mortavio, King R-Turmex (who previously appeared in Wizard of Orb) is giving a speech to his people.]

R-Turmex: I'm a very wise king, because I'm old. [His citizens cheer.] Very, very, old. [His citizens continue cheering. The king briefly falls asleep then wakes up.] Uh, what was I saying?

Infantor: [off-screen] So, you think you're so smart, old guy. [The citizens gasp. Infantor appears holding a gun, aiming at the king.] Well, smart this. [Infantor fires at the king, regressing him into a baby wearing just a nappy and a rattle. The king starts crying. The crowd screams as Infantor turns them all into crying babies. Infantor blows his gun and laughs.] Who's the baby now? [The babies continue crying.] That's one planet down, 100'032 to go!

[Scene: Moose Jaw Heights, Betty is training Noah to be a Galactic Guardian.]

Betty: [running] If you wanna be a Galactic Guardian, you have to be in top physical shape.

[Betty runs, followed by a panting Noah and Sparky on a skateboard, who is feasting on a pile of hotdogs.]

Sparky: [Takes a bite.] It's all about the excercise, that's how I do it. [Sparky burps and spits.] This dog is too cold. [Sparky throws the hot dog away, a dog is heard barking. Sparky uses his ray gun to heat the hot dogs up and eats several of them.] Toasty, just the way I like 'em.

[Sparky skates past Noah.]

Noah: Cool! Sparky, can you get me one of those too?

Sparky: No problemo. I know the guy who gives out the loot. Follow me. [Sparky and Noah go through a flashtube.

Betty: Where did you go? Guys? [Stops running.] We're training here [Walks through the flashtube and sighes.]

[Scene: Galactic Headquarters Earth Base, the flashtube drops Noah and Sparky on the floor and they knock into a sculpture of Admiral DeGill on a dolphin.]

Sparky: This is the Galactic Guardian Hall of Fame.

Noah: Look at all these gadgets.

Sparky: We're all about the gadgets here. That, and saving the galaxy, but mostly the gadgets. I can get you some.

[Noah gasps with excitement and smiles.]
[Scene: Galactic Headquarters Earth Base, Noah and Sparky are speaking to X-5 in another room. The Bangoons are present.]

X-5: No, perhaps you don't understand. Infantor is on a criminal rampage!

[Noah appears nervous, but Sparky doesn't seem to care about the news.]

Sparky: Yeah, yeah, there's always something going on. Can't you spare one little thing for the kid?

[An alarm sounds. Admiral DeGill appears on the screen.]

Admiral DeGill: Launch Force A to defeat Infantor.

[The screen changes to show a fleet of ships led by Atomic Roger in flight. Betty appears via flashtube.]

Sparky: What took you so long, chief?

Betty: Traffic. [Walks up to Noah] Noah, aren't we supposed to be training.

Sparky: No worry, we're checking out gadgets. Every Galactic Guardian's gotta have a gimmick.

[Cue a montage of Noah trying different gadgets. First off, a pair of boots.]

Noah: They're too tight!

[Noah tries on some gloves.]

Noah: They're a bit... heavy.

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