Wedding Crashers
Season Three, Episode 306b (CA)
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Air date Oct/05/2007 (CA), Nov/07/2010 (US)
Written by Norm Lauzon
Directed by Alex Savin
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The Big Dig
Night of the Living Mummies (CA)

"Wedding Crashers" is a Season 3 episode of Atomic Betty.


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Full Summary

Betty's grandparents have arranged for a "just for fun" remarriage ceremony at the form, to be organized by Sparky. After nearly forgetting about the invitations, Sparky sends out invitations to Zulia, Spindly Tam, and also Auntie Matter, the villainous sister to Beatrixo. Later, Betty is concerned that she cannot afford to purchase a special locket for her grandmother as a wedding gift, though Sparky and X-5 agree to help her raise the money to buy the locket. At the wedding, both Betty's parents and the whole Galactic Guardian organization (which Betty's mother assumes to be all odd-looking relatives from the opposite side of the family) are in attendance for the ceremony; but it is soon interrupted by Auntie Matter, who abducts Jimmy. As Auntie Matter retreats into deep space, Betty and Beatrixo pursue her on the Century Warbler; however, it was just a ruse to lead the two away as Auntie Matter returns to Earth with Jimmy. Auntie Matter plots to push Jimmy into a black hole that acts as her source of power, which would grant Jimmy the same powers and allow the pair to elope. Betty and Beatrixo return in time to free Jimmy, who then tells Auntie Matter that he does not love her. Auntie Matter is eventually defeated when Betty overloads the black hole with a large bouquet that spews out confetti, which causes Auntie Matter to lose her powers. With the wedding back in order, Betty apologizes to Beatrixo about her present, which was lost in the black hole. Beatrixo forgives her, saying that her presence is more than enough as a present.


  • The song playing in the episode where Betty and friends try to get the money for the locket is Don't Surrender.
  • This is the final appearance of Jimmy.



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